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The Business of Hair and Why I Chose to Focus On Women Of Color


In 2015, I visited a small market in Nairobi, Kenya to get my hair done and needless to say it was quite an experience. But, what intrigued me the most was how talented yet underpaid these women were. A lot of these women, like myself were self taught stylist with one mission, to feed their families.

Upon my return to the U.S I had a strange dream and all I remember seeing was the word "Nywele," which means hair in Swahili, constantly flashing in my head. I told my significant other about it but, I wasn’t sure what it meant. A few weeks later I was working on my vision board and I literally picked up a magazine and the first page I turned to had an article entitled "The Business of Black Hair." It was at that moment that I knew I had to create something and I did just that. I had no vision, no goal, and no plan; I simply listened to my intuition.

3 years later, we are finally open. I started BOBH on a quest to find myself and later the business found me. Through the “Business of Black Hair,” my goal is to encourage black women to spark dialogue in the salon as it pertains to issues impacting our community. It is not just a hub to get your hair done, but a community to network, empower, and uplift one another. There is something powerful about a woman that chooses to wear her natural hair.

One thing I learned about being behind the chair, is that hair unites women. The second thing I learned about life is that when you find a common goal in a community you can conquer anything.

I hope that you learn and grow with me. I hope we exchange business advice, I hope we laugh about the latest celebrity gossip, most importantly; I hope that you find a home with us here at the Business of Black Hair.

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