3 Tips on how to Choose The Right Hair Vendor

With so many vendors on the market how do you decide what type of hair extensions to invest in? A lot of it depends on your ideal clientele and of course how much money you are willing to spend on the initial product.

Don't simply look at the price

Yes, when I first started sourcing hair I would worry about the price tag first. So, I instantly started sampling from the cheaper vendors (you can learn more about that HERE). But, I was disappointed by some of the products I received. Yes, a 12inch bundle was $13 but, it wasn't worth my investment. Hunny, the hair was thin, smelled bad, and was not true to length. I wanted luxury hair extensions that my clients would appreciate. 

Do your research

I wanted a vendor that solely focused on hair extensions. I didn't want someone that was selling lashes, braiding hair, socks, and custom teas. Like seriously this just wasn't cutting it for me. So, examine their website, read their policies, are they willing to let you visit their factory. I didn't have that type of money, but seriously I just wanted to know if that was an option. 

Don't be afraid to ask questions

I like to ask a million and one questions, so I'm sure they were tired of my crap. However, I wanted to know how reliable and dependable their company was. If it took you a week to respond to my message then I wasn't interested. If you're only interest was selling to me, then I wasn't interested. You have to be careful with overseas vendors because not everyone has your best interest in mind.