3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Starting Your Hair Extension Business

Everyone wants to start in the hair business for many reasons known to man. Some just want to get rich and others are truly fascinated with the concept of being their own boss. Especially, if you’re a cosmetologist busting your behind off at a salon pretty much making nothing. It’s hard out here in the streets lets be real. But, owning your own hair businesses isn’t as easy as it looks either. I know people (clears throat) who have spent hundreds of dollars on inventory only for it to be sitting in their room collecting dust. Therefore, before investing time in this dog eats dog industry ask you’re self these simple questions.

Why am I getting into this industry?

Be honest with yourself and really lay out your answer. Like I mentioned it before, I started gaining interest because I wanted to help out minority hairstylist gain capital outside of their day-to-day services. I, like many stylists, was tired of servicing clients and sending them too other businesses to purchase hair. I mean, why couldn’t I sell the hair too? I knew my clients better then some Asian women at a beauty supply store. Not to mention, there are so many bad products online and if you don’t know better you can be giving your clients the wrong information.

Do I have time to invest 100% of my time and energy?

Starting a business is hard regardless of what people make it out to be. Trust me, those awesome social media pic of your next door neighbors instant rise to fame is probably years of sweat and tears that you knew nothing about. You have to build the clientele, create trust, and hustle hard. Reality is that there are thousands of businesses just like yours on the market. What are you going to do to make yours to stand out? That takes time and commitment.

Am I willing to fail?

Yes, I said it. Nobody wants to admit this very real factor about getting involved in the industry.  I don’t care how great your product is or marketing campaign is. Sometimes even the greatest ideas fail the first time. But, what makes it worth the hustle? The ability to dust yourself off and try again (Yes, I quoted Aaliyah). My point, ambition is just as great as the person who is willing to try, try, and try all over again. I tried so many different strategies before I started actually getting interest in my product. So, trust me you are not alone.

I encourage you to really take the time out and reflect on these questions. It’s only through hard work and consistency that any idea will blossom.

Thanks for listening,