About charlie

Let me tell you a little bit about my journey. I hadn't worn hair extensions since my early college days so when I jumped into the weave market I was extremely lost and confused. It was 2016 and my hairstylist was giving me a consultation and afterwards he sent me out to a random place to get hair. What is Indian hair, Cambodian, Brazilian? For some reason the list started getting longer and longer until I started becoming frustrated. I ended up getting what he wrote down, not even knowing what I got myself into. It was at this moment, combined with my recent trip to Kenya, that made me decide to get back into the beauty industry. So, in 2016 I placed on my handy dandy vision board “The Business of Black Hair.” So, that’s where I am today. On a journey to educate, inform, and help African American stylists, specifically women venture off into the hair industry. 

I wanted the site to reflect my personality and also showcase to you my love for both beauty and fashion. A lot of people know me as a fashion director. I am still heavenly involved in fashion which is why I left it on this page. I wanted both my new and current followers to grow and learn with me. The world is big and you can be anything you want to be in life, why limit your skills or talents? 

Any who, I hope to save you just that time and money and provide you with valuable information on how to go about your hair extension business. I’ve spent months reading books, researching companies, reading articles and yeah I have a lot of knowledge to drop. Oh and plus I’m a certified hairstylist, so I know my shit (excuse my French). Also, if your looking to get some hair that slays check out my shop. I also offer stylist deals by request only.

If you are looking to explore certain topics or ideas, message me. It’s impossible to remember everything when your always on the go.